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When ordering an item in the online store Etiketa Shop registration is not necessary. The purchase is successful if you provide the following information: the payer's address or the delivery address, the mobile phone number and the email address where the purchase confirmation will be sent. By successfully placing an order or carrying out a purchase through the website you agree with all the terms and conditions of the online store Etiketa Shop.

Order placement:

All order placements are carried out through the online store and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose among the displayed items, and if the desired item is not in stock, you can send us an inquiry at and we will notify you whether the delivery is possible. The items in the online store are made of artificial and natural materials, unless indicated otherwise in the product description. For more information about the composition of each item, please contact us via email. The prices are valid from the moment of publication of the new price list on the website. All item prices in the online store Etiketa Shop are in Euros and include 22% VAT. The items are delivered by GLS d.o.o. The shipping charges are charged during checkout, before the buyer concludes the purchase. The buyer has to be notified about the possible provision charged by GLS for card payments.

The buyer can view and order the items through the website The offer is available only for natural persons.

By clicking on the "Place order" button during the order placement process you confirm that you fully understand and agree with the terms and conditions. After the finalisation of the order on the website you will receive an email with all the information regarding your order and the delivery.

All prices on the website are in Euros (EUR) and include the Value-added tax (VAT). The seller might modify the item price without prior notice. The seller sells products for payment; in case an item is wrongfully listed as free of charge, the seller does not have to provide the item to the buyer free of charge.

Purchase process:

The website displays items with prices that include VAT. When clicking on an item the buyer must select the desired item size and click on the "Add to cart" button. The cart displays all the items that were added to the cart. If you want to remove an item from the cart, click on the "Remove" link next to the item. If you want to add an item to the cart, click the "Continue shopping" link. By clicking on the abovementioned link, you will return to the online store.

You can place your order by clicking on the "Checkout" button.

If you are not a registered user of the online store, fill in the information that is required for delivery. After that select the payment method (on delivery, pro forma invoice or paypal), if you have a promotional code, type it in the following box. If the order amount is less than 30 € (with VAT), you will be charged the shipping cost of 3.5 € (with VAT), orders above 30 € are delivered for free.

If the order is successfully placed, the website displays the text "We received your order.". In addition to that, you will receive an email with the order details to the email address you provided at registration.

Order confirmation

After you place your order, you will receive an email with order details to the email address you provided during the order process. The email will also state that in case your have any questions, you can send us an email at

The buyer has the right to cancel the order within 2 hours after the order was placed. After the expiration of this deadline the order cancellation is not possible anymore.

Order modification

All modifications regarding the placed order can be made by answering to the email "We received your order" which you received when you placed the order, or by contacting us by email ( You can also call us at +386 (0)70 244 33 and we will perform the modification and notify the buyer via email.


The purchase contract between the seller and the buyer is concluded when the buyer places an order through the website. From this moment on all the prices and other conditions are binding for both the seller and the buyer. Our company will store the contract and the buyer will have access to it in person at the company's address, via post or email. Items on sale are marked with the "ON SALE" logo.

You can place orders also via telephone. By calling the number +386 (0)70 244 233 the buyer can place an order which has to be explicitly confirmed it in writing (e.g. with the statement "I confirm the order") by answering to the confirmation email that will be sent to the buyer after the order placement. The contract is concluded when the buyer sends a written statement confirming the acceptance of the offer. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, when calling the telephone number the buyer is charged only the basic telephone rate for telephone calls by the telecommunications operator.

Order status:

The status of your order will be sent to you via email. All changes to the status of your order will be sent to the email address you provided during the purchase. You will also receive an email in case any of the ordered items are not currently available, therefore it is important you check your email on a regular basis.

Delivery period:

The delivery period is from 1 to 5 days. All items you can order in the online store Etiketa Shop are usually in stock, therefore delivery is very fast. In case any items are not in stock, we will notify you about it by sending you an email at the email address you provided during the order placement. We cooperate with the courier GLS d.o.o. who guarantees a fast and reliable parcel delivery service. In most cases buyers receive the ordered items the very next day.

Payment methods:

- Cash or card on delivery:

The buyer pays the amount to the courier in cash or with credit card when the courier delivers the ordered goods.

- Via bank transfer after the issuing of a Pro forma invoice:

We send the buyer an invoice/Pro forma invoice for the ordered goods via email immediately after the purchase is completed, and the buyer pays it via bank transfer to the company's bank account. The goods will be shipped immediately after it will be confirmed that the payment via bank transfer was successful.

- With Paypal:

The buyer is directed to a safe Paypal website, where he/she carries out the payment. The goods will be shipped immediately after we will receive a payment confirmation by the PayPal system.

You will receive the invoice at the email address that you provided when you placed the order.

Change of items:

If the buyer ordered an item that does not suit him (it is too big, to small,...), he/she can change it. The buyer has to notify us about the change within 14 days at The change of the item will be carried out by GLS d.o.o. No additional costs will be charged. The cost of the change will be covered by the seller.

Order cancellation:

The buyer can cancel his/her order within two hours after the order is placed. If the buyer cancels the order in a timely manner, no costs incur. You can cancel the order via email at You can cancel the order also later, but only if we notify you via email that the ordered item is currently not in stock.

Liability for material defects:

The seller has to deliver the consumer the goods in accordance with the contract and is liable for material defects related to the fulfilment of its responsibilities.

The defect is material:

1.     if the item does not have the characteristics necessary for its regular use or trade;

2.     if the item does not have the characteristics necessary for the use for which the buyer bought it, and the seller was aware of it or should have been aware of it;

3.     if the item does not have the characteristics and features that were explicitly agreed or regulated;

4.     if the seller delivered an item that does not correspond to the fabric pattern or clothing pattern, unless the fabric pattern or clothing pattern were displayed only for informative purposes.

The adequacy of the goods for regular use is determined by taking into account the usual goods of the same type and considering any statements regarding the characteristics of the goods provided by the seller or the producer, particularly in advertising, product presentations and statements on the goods themselves.

The consumer can claim his/her rights in relation to material defects if he/she notifies the seller about the defect within two months from the day when the defect was discovered.

In the defect notification the consumer has to describe the defect in detail and allow the seller to analyse the item.

The consumer can notify the seller about the defect in person and the seller has to issue the buyer a confirmation, or by sending the item to the store where it was purchased, or to the seller's representative with whom the contract was concluded.

The seller is not liable for material defects on goods that appear after two years from the delivery of the item.

It is deemed that a defect was present at the time of delivery if it appears within six months after delivery.

The consumer who correctly notified the seller about the defect has the right to demand that the seller:

corrects the defect on the goods or returns part of the paid amount in proportion to the defect, or changes the goods with defects with goods without defects, or returns the paid amount.

In any case the consumer has also the right to request compensation from the seller, particularly compensation for the cost of material, spare parts, work, transfer and transport of products, which arise due to the fulfilment of the obligations referred to in the previous paragraph of this Article.

The consumer's rights from the first paragraph expire after two years from the day on which he/she notified the seller about the material defect.

Withdrawal from the contract:

With contracts concluded remotely or outside business premises, the consumer has the right to notify the company about his/her withdrawal from the contract within 14 days without having to state the reason for his/her decision. It is deemed that the consumer provided a withdrawal statement in a timely manner if he/she sends it by the deadline determined for the withdrawal from the contract (second paragraph of Article b43.d of the Consumer Protection Act). All the shipping costs and/or costs for returns of goods are covered by the consumer, in case of withdrawal from the contract, the company immediately or within 14 days after the receipt of the withdrawal notification at the latest, has to return all the received payments.

On THIS LINK you can find the form and all the instructions regarding the withdrawal from the contract.

The company shall return the received payments to the consumer using the same payment method that was used by the consumer, unless the consumer explicitly requested another payment method and this does not cause any costs to the company.

In purchase contracts the company may withhold the return of the received payments until the collection of the returned goods or until the consumer submits proof that he/she sent the goods back, unless the the company offers the consumer to collect the returned goods on its own.

Out-of-court resolution of disputes

In accordance with Article 32 of the Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes Act the seller states in the General business conditions that currently it does not acknowledge any out-of court resolution of dispute entities to be in charge of the resolution of consumer disputes that may be initiated by the consumer in accordance with this Act. In accordance with paragraph 4 of the same Article the seller has published a link to the platform for court resolutions of consumer disputes - click here.

Personal data protection

The seller undertakes to permanently protect the personal data of the user. The seller will use the personal data exclusively for the purposes of order fulfilment, providing advertising and information material, offers, invoices and other necessary communication. In no case the user's information will be submitted to unauthorized persons. The websites have a certificate with the highest level of protection which ensures the protection of personal data from external attacks during transfer.

Unsubscription from commercial and information messages:

You can unsubscribe from our advertising and information emails (e-newsletter) by clicking the link "Unsubscribe from e-newsletter" at the bottom of the email. You can subscribe again in our online store or during the placement of a new order.


The company IDEALIA D.O.O is registered in the Slovenian Business Register of the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services, unit Ljubljana, date: 10 December 2010, registration number 3865193000. VAT identification number SI79164129, VAT-registered business. The company is not bound by any code of conduct. The company was registered in the business register under number SRG 2010/45698 at the District Court of Ljubljana.

Complaints and information:

In case of complaints and information related to our services, you can contact us at +386 (0)70 244 233 or by email at info@etiketashop.comali or by mail at the following address:


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