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Nizke roza superge Ellen

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Nizke roza superge Ellen so nepogrešljiv par obutve. So modne in udobne. Primerne za prosti čas in druženje s prijatelji.

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Regular Price: €34.90

Special Price €20.94

SKU: Niske-roza-tenisice-Ellen

Product Description

Nizke roza superge Ellen so nepogrešljiv par obutve. So modne in udobne. Primerne za prosti čas in druženje s prijatelji.

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Are you afraid of online shopping because you are not sure about the size of your shoes and clothing?

The worries are totally redundant since there are models that have standard size numbers in the Etiketa Shop online store. If the size varies from standard, a recommendation is always given when describing the item if you need to select a larger or smaller number. To make your decision easier, there are some practical tips on how to determine the right size of shoes. For clothing, however, we advise you to always select the number you normally wear.

In the event that the number of clothes or shoes you receive is not suitable for you, we have a great solution for you. You can send us a notice of exchange by e-mail: info@etiketashop.com or call us on: 070 244 233.

In case you are still not sure how to choose the right size, call us and we will be happy to help!

How to order the right number of shoes?

Do you often buy two different shoe numbers? This is a common phenomenon, as many women choose a larger number in low boots and in shoes with a fifth, smaller size number. This means that your leg is somewhere in between, that is, between two numbers. The very first information can help you a lot - in the case of low shoes, then select a larger number and lower on Fridays. The half of the number usually means 3.5 millimeters of difference in the length of the sole.

Measure your foot and specify a size number

For each case, it is best to measure your foot in the suggested way below and determine your number. Because the Etiquette Shop does not have intermediate numbers and you come to the conclusion that the size of your foot is somewhere in between, follow the above recommendation.

How to measure correctly?

The left and right feet are never exactly the same size, so we recommend that you measure both feet. If you measure the different sizes of both feet, opt for a larger or smaller size, depending on the fact whether you prefer a more squeezed or lighter feeling in shoes. We recommend that in the case of low boots, you select a larger number and in less than five days.

Wipe your foot on paper, measure the length in millimeters and compare it with the table below.

Place the paper on the floor, perpendicular to the wall and step on it, so that the heel is leaning against the wall and distributing all the weight across the entire foot. Take the pen and pull the straight line straight to your fingers.
We suggest that you even wipe your foot with a pencil. Make sure that the tip of the pencil is slightly shifted when it is wrapped, otherwise it may happen that the measurements deviate by one whole number. Pick up the paper and pull a flat straight line from the edge of the sheet where the heel is leaning against the wall, to the line you drawn and pointing the tip of the longest finger.
Accurately measure the length and read it in the table below.

Despite exact measurements, does the size you have subscribed do not match?

It may still be that the shoe number does not fit. In the event that this happens to you, we have an easy solution for you, and without the shipping costs, we replace the shoe number for larger or smaller. All you have to do is call the GLS Delivery Provider who has delivered you the package and inform him of your intention to replace it. Return the package you ordered to the service provider and deliver the desired number the same day the same day or the day without any additional shipping costs.


Orders received during the workday until 12 pm are expected to be delivered next work day. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return you items free of charge. For more information please see Returns info.